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Fisher Price Is Releasing An Exercise Bike For Children And People Aren’t Happy

If you have ever dreamed of sending your three-year-old to a spinning class to burn off their energy, then Fisher Price has the answer.  Unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the new ‘Smart Cycle’ is meant to provide health-conscious parents with the perfect solution to guilt-free screen time.  Fisher…

How Two Grieving Mums ‘Automatically Had A Connection’ Thanks To This Heart-Shaped Necklace

Two grieving mothers were brought together by a heart-shaped necklace, even though they were “complete strangers”. One of the mums, named PJ-Darl Rivera Macalintal‎, was on the till at her pharmacy when a lady told her how beautiful her necklace was. The heart-shaped pendant featured two footprints on it, in memory of a baby she had…