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Mum Redefines What It Means To ‘Look Like A Mother’ In Photo Series After Feeling Like She Didn’t Fit In

A photographer has created a photo series featuring “non-stereotypical” mothers and their children to shine a light on the diversity of modern mums. Celia Sanchez, 32, from the US, became a mum when she was 23. Her experience of meeting other mums inspired her to create her powerful photo project ‘Devoted’.  “After becoming a mother I…


Mum Photographs Five-Year-Old As Inspiring Feminist Heroes To Prove She Can Be Whoever She Wants To Be

A mum and her five-year-old daughter created an inspiring photo project honouring feminist heroes throughout history. Jessica Solarcyzk, 37, a photographer from Pennsylvania in the US, originally photographed her daughter, Emerson Rose, as Rosie the Riveter, for her 87-year-old grandmother. The idea turned into a photo series following a conversation Solarcyzk had with her daughter…


The Worst Examples Of Bump-Shaming And How Mums Are Fighting Back

Body-shaming seems to be everywhere from strangers on the street to trolls online. And no one is exempt.  Despite going through one of the most physically challenging parts of womanhood, these pregnant women still have to deal with other people’s negative opinions about how they look. But instead of hiding away, they are fighting back and becoming…


How A Toddler’s Wise Words Helped Mother Pukka Come To Terms With A Miscarriage

After miscarriage, solace can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. When Anna Whitehouse, from London, was coping with the grief of losing a baby, she could have kicked herself for having told her toddler she was pregnant.  Little did the mum-of-one realise that her daughter Mae would help counsel her through the loss.  Mae displayed a three-year-old’s…