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Lizard Squad Hacked, Thousands In Bitcoin Stolen And Databases Leaked

The hacking group Lizard Squad has reportedly been hacked into with thousands in Bitcoins stolen and the group’s customer database leaked online. It turns out that while Lizard Squad are capable of undertaking fairly large attacks, they’re not so good at defence. The group had left their ‘LizardStresser’ service — which offers DDoS attacks in…

Destiny Has 16m ‘Registered Players’ Apparently. So What Does That Actually Mean?

Activision had some pretty big numbers to announce during its earnings call, one of which was how many people are currently playing Destiny. The answer is 16 million. That’s right, 16,000,000 people are playing Destiny every day. In fact they’re playing Destiny for three hours every day on average. Despite receiving generally mixed reviews, Destiny…