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Hatchimals Review: Mum Gives Brutally Honest Opinion On This Year’s Most Popular Toy For Christmas

A mum has taken to Facebook to give parents a brutally honest review of the latest toy craze: Hatchimals. Kirsty Myerscough, from Manchester, said her review of the interactive toy pets that start their life in an egg then “hatch”, was based on her seven-year-old daughter’s experience with the toy. “So this one is one-week-old and has…


14 Kids Who Have Absolutely No Chill

Children are mostly reasonable human beings, but there are some occasions when they completely lose their cool.  For example, when you dare to peel their banana without permission or they’re desperately in need of a nap.  These 14 hilarious children caught mid-tantrum prove that kids have absolutely zero chill. 1. When you can’t achieve the impossible. …


Couple Home School Two Sons While Travelling Around The World: ‘We Consider Ourselves Peaceful Parents’

A couple shunned traditional school education for their children and instead opted for a life-time trip around the world.  Since they began their alternative lifestyle in February 2015, Paul, 39, and Caroline King, 35, have travelled to 26 countries with their two children, Winston, six and Henry, four,.  “This year has been amazing, we’ve seen so…


Government Responds To Call For Ring-Fenced Funding So ‘Every School Can Have A Library It Is Proud Of’

Children’s laureate Chris Riddell, has been praised for calling on the government to investigate the closure of school libraries. Riddell wrote an open letter to Justine Greening, the secretary of state for education, calling on her to: “set out clear standards for library provision that will end this disadvantageous school library lottery that limits many…


Parents Urged To Be Aware Of Teenage ‘Sexting Codes’ That Hide Meaning Of Conversations

Parents are being warned about “sexting codes” allegedly being used by teenagers to hide the true meaning of their conversation. According to CBS2 in New York, teens are beginning to use a lot more texting abbreviations that their parents are unlikely to decode. One teen, named Amari Sims, told the publication that her peers used…


Reebok Apologises Following Parents’ Criticism Of ‘Shocking’ Slogans On Children’s Leggings

Reebok has apologised after facing criticism about a style of their children’s leggings that featured ‘shocking’ slogans. The sportswear brand came under fire after dad Andy Deal posted photos of a pair of the leggings he’d bought for his nine-year-old daughter. “These were bought from Reebok,” Deal wrote on Facebook. “’Not for your entertainment’ written in the…