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Theresa May Told Off By Five-Year-Old Girl For Not Helping ‘Millions’ Of Homeless People

A five-year-old girl has called out Theresa May for not investing in helping the homeless, in a video posted online.  In the video Brooke Blair states she has seen “hundreds and millions” of homeless people on the streets and suggested that the Prime Minister should be distributing food or building houses. “My name is Brooke…


‘Sharp Rise’ In Children Contacting Childline About Online Porn, NSPCC Warns

There has been a “sharp rise” in the number of children contacting Childline about online porn, the NSPCC has warned. Childline revealed they’ve seen a 60% increase year on year in the number of counselling sessions children have had after seeing porn online. The helpline provided 844 counselling sessions about the issue last year, up from 529…


Amanda Jenner Charges Parents £2k To Potty Train Their Child

A woman who claims to be the UK’s first “professional potty trainer”, charges parents £2,000 to get their kids out of nappies.   Mum-of-three Amanda Jenner, from Bournemouth, moves into people’s homes for up to five nights to train toddlers through her ‘Potty Training Academy’.  Jenner said she’s got a waiting list that’s almost a year…