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Mum-Of-Four Captures The Beauty Of Technology-Free Childhood In Tender Photo Series

A mother who wanted to replicate her technology-free childhood for her four children has documented their unusual upbringing in two touching photo series. Niki Boon, a photographer from New Zealand, describes her childhood as “barefoot ,wild and free”, and she has managed to recreate this for her children Kurt, 13, Rebecca, 12, Anton, nine, and Arwen, seven….

‘Anti-Homeless’ Spikes Removed After Mum Enlists Help Of Sons And Friends To Cover Them With Cushions

A mum enlisted the help of her sons to place cushions over spikes erected to deter homeless people resting outside a building in a city centre. A photo of Jennie Platt, from Manchester, laying the cushions with her two sons, George, 11, and Sam, 10, and some of their friends from their rugby team was…

Little Girl With Inoperable Brain Cancer Tearfully Shares Her Dreams For The Future: ‘I Want To Be A Mum’

A 10-year-old girl with inoperable cancer has spoken about her wish to become a mum when she grows up, in a heartbreaking video shared by her family as they fundraise for her treatment. Anna Ortega, from the US, has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous tumour called a DIPG on her brain stem. The medication available…