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Couple Home School Two Sons While Travelling Around The World: ‘We Consider Ourselves Peaceful Parents’

A couple shunned traditional school education for their children and instead opted for a life-time trip around the world.  Since they began their alternative lifestyle in February 2015, Paul, 39, and Caroline King, 35, have travelled to 26 countries with their two children, Winston, six and Henry, four,.  “This year has been amazing, we’ve seen so…


Six Organisations Making Christmas Special For Kids Who May Otherwise Miss Out

Christmas is a magical time of year for children, which is why charities work tirelessly during the festive season to ensure no one misses out. These six charities work to make Christmas extra special for kids who are less fortunate, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, seriously ill children and others in need of support.  Read…


Chrissy Teigen Dressed Baby Luna Up As A Hotdog, Peacock and Banana And We Can’t Cope

Chrissy Teigen has taken cute baby costumes for her six-month-old daughter to a whole new level.  Ahead of Halloween, the 30-year-old got carried away dressing Luna in the most unlikely (but adorable) outfits. First there was a hotdog.  Then came a video of Luna wearing a peacock hat – although she didn’t look too impressed….