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Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children Should Be Banned On Apps And At Cinemas, Urges Charity

Children should not be able to see junk food adverts in apps, on social media or even in the cinema, a national kids’ food charity has urged. The Children’s Food Trust’s comments came after the publication of a World Health Organisation (WHO) report that addressed concerns around advertising in apps, on social media and vlogs. The WHO report…


Facial Hair Grooming Tips: How To Moisturise With A Beard, How To Shave Your Moustache, How To Fade Your Beard

There are plenty of grooming tips on the internet, but how do you know which ones you actually need to use? Step in GQ editors, who’ve revealed the only three facial hair styling pointers you really need to know about. They reveal how to moisturise with a beard and why oil-free products are key, how…


Parents Warned About Risk Of ‘Alternative Therapies’ For Children After Four-Year-Old Is Hospitalised

Doctors have warned of the dangers of “alternative” therapies for children. The warning, published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, comes after a four-year-old boy with autism was admitted to A&E after taking holistic supplements. The boy had a range of symptoms, including vomiting, constipation, weight loss and loss of appetite. Doctors revealed he had…


Why The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents Who Aren’t The Primary Caregiver Needs To Be Addressed

In 2016, there should be no shame about being a single parent who doesn’t have primary care of their child. According to single parent charity Gingerbread, there are around two million single parents in the UK. That accounts for a quarter of families with dependent children, which means there are many mums or dads who have children,…