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Little Girl With Inoperable Brain Cancer Tearfully Shares Her Dreams For The Future: ‘I Want To Be A Mum’

A 10-year-old girl with inoperable cancer has spoken about her wish to become a mum when she grows up, in a heartbreaking video shared by her family as they fundraise for her treatment. Anna Ortega, from the US, has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous tumour called a DIPG on her brain stem. The medication available…

Guardian And i Newspapers Hailed For Giving Women’s Football ‘Rightful Coverage It Deserves’

The Guardian newspaper has been praised for putting a picture of two female footballers on its front page, in a decision fans said could help “inspire the next generation”. The newspaper’s cover on Monday showed Toni Duggan and Jane Ross celebrating as Manchester City won the Women’s Super League title for the first time. The…