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Crazy S**t People Say To Dads Highlights Outdated Stereotypes: ‘You On Mummy Duty Today?’

Four dads have spoken out about the shit people say to them on a day-to-day basis when they’re looking after their kids. Highlighting how outdated and insulting stereotypes can be, the dads want to prove that it’s normal for them to take on parenting responsibilities… just like any mum.  Make It Work ‘Her hair is…


Six-Year-Old Girl Writes Adorable To-Do List For The Week Leading Up To Her Aunt’s Wedding

In preparation for her aunt’s wedding, a six-year-old girl penned the most adorable to-do list to make sure she was ready for the big day. Niamh Heneghan, from Castlebar in Ireland, gave herself tasks from Monday to Friday including fitness workouts and practising walking down the aisle. Other reminders included asking her mum how to…


Giovanna Fletcher On How She Combats The ‘Terrible Twos’ And Why Social Media Can Be Great For Mums

Giovanna Fletcher only gave birth to her and Tom Fletcher’s second child in February, but having a newborn baby isn’t her only worry. Now her eldest son, Buzz, has turned two, the 31-year-old revealed her plans for combatting those “terrible twos” parents so often hear about. The family have been attending weekly baby sign classes – where kids learn how…


Dad Perfectly Captures Hilarity Of Six-Month-Old Son’s First Holiday: ‘Our Checklist To Pack: Everything’

A dad has comically documented the valuable lessons he learned taking his six-month-old son on holiday for the first time. Matt Coyne, 41, a blogger from Sheffield, shared a detailed account covering everything from flying with a baby to why sandy beaches are a bad idea. The hilarious post on Man Vs Baby has been shared…


Porn And Gaming Is Causing A ‘Crisis Of Masculinity’, Says Psychologist – But Not Everyone Agrees

A leading psychologist has warned that young men are facing a “crisis of masculinity” due to an increased use of video games and pornography, but not everyone is as convinced. In an interview on BBC World Service’s Weekend programme, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University – who created the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment – said both…


Michael Bublé Shares Rare Family Photo As They Celebrate Son Noah’s Third Birthday

Michael Bublé has given us some serious family goals, after he shared a rare photograph of his beautiful brood on Instagram. The 40-year-old and his wife Lusiana were pictured holding their gorgeous children, Noah, 3, and Elias, who was born in January this year. “Can’t believe my little man is three years old today! Happy…


School Replaces Detention With Meditation Classes For Kids And Teachers Were Fascinated With The Results

A school decided to replace detention with meditation classes and the results have been fascinating. Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore, US, has a ‘Mindful Moment Room’ where kids are taught about mindful meditation and breathing exercises. Since setting up the programme two years ago, the school has not issued a single suspension.  “It’s amazing,” Kirk…