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Mum Struggling At Supermarket With Three Kids, Overwhelmed By Stranger’s Random Act Of Kindness

A mum-of-three who was having a difficult shopping trip with her kids was touched when a lady gifted her with a well-deserved treat: wine. Alex Goodsir, 28, from Australia, was in Aldi with her four-year-old daughter, two-year-old son and eight-month-old daughter, who has hip dysplasia. Goodsir’s youngest daughter was in a cast and couldn’t fit in…

Iskra Lawrence And 34 Other Models Wrote An Open Letter To The Fashion Industry About ‘Unhealthy Body Practices’ Ahead Of NYFW

For the first time ever, a 35-strong group of models including Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Chew and Carré Otis have written a searingly honest and much-needed open letter to the fashion industry, ahead of New York Fashion Week.  The letter is in response to a study which indicates that the greatest prevalence of eating disorders is…

Kids Create Online Games And Characters To Smash Gender Stereotypes

A teacher who became increasingly concerned about the gender stereotypes portrayed in online games for kids decided to do something about it. Faye Ellis, director of digital technology at Thomas’s Clapham primary school found that many games targeted specifically at girls included scenarios where they had to dress up characters for a “date” or change their appearance…