img.jpg Charity Reimagines Lara Croft And Other Characters With ‘Average’ Bodies To Squash Negative Body Image

An eating disorders charity has reverse-photoshopped video game characters with “average” body proportions – and they look more kick-ass than ever. In a bid to encourage game designers to “get real” about women’s bodies, Lara Croft and Jade from Mortal Kombat have been digitally altered in a blog post for It highlights how video…


Mum Redefines What It Means To ‘Look Like A Mother’ In Photo Series After Feeling Like She Didn’t Fit In

A photographer has created a photo series featuring “non-stereotypical” mothers and their children to shine a light on the diversity of modern mums. Celia Sanchez, 32, from the US, became a mum when she was 23. Her experience of meeting other mums inspired her to create her powerful photo project ‘Devoted’.  “After becoming a mother I…


Children Can Be Identified As ‘Future Criminals’ Through Brain Tests Aged Three, Study Suggests

Tests can predict whether children as young as three will grow up to be criminals, claim a disproportionate amount of benefits or be obese, a 35-year study suggests. Scientists from King’s College London believe society could intervene to give these kids “better chances” after studying a group of more than 1,000 people until they were 38….


Toddler With Large Facial Birthmark Perfectly Prepared For Kids’ Reactions On First Day Of Nursery

A two-year-old who has a facial birthmark had the best response when a group of kids started whispering when they saw her at pre-school. On Lydia’s first day at pre-school she had “fresh bruising” on her face due to treatment to keep the birthmark healthy. Lydia noticed some of her new classmates staring and whispering about…


Kids’ Shows Like ‘Peppa Pig’ Are ‘Damaging’ Kids Claims Expert, But Not All Parents Agree

Kids’ shows such as ‘Peppa Pig’ are damaging children’s emotional development, a medical expert has claimed. Dr Karen Phillip, a counselling psychotherapist from Australia, said TV shows lead to children “not being able to use their imagination”.  Phillip was talking about children’s shows in general, but she referenced ‘Peppa Pig’ when discussing the harm to…